About the partnership

Together we can do great things!

Gilmer County is where the legendary Appalachian Trail begins at Springer Mountain and we are proud to be a designated AT Trail Community. Gilmer County is also the Mountain Bike Capital of Georgia, situated at the intersection of three beautiful rivers, as well as the Apple Capital of Georgia.

Dream it.

We dream of more trails and more connectivity. Can you imagine more family-friendly bike trails? Walking/biking trails along the railroad tracks running from River Street to the River Park? Paddling down our rivers and not seeing any trash along the banks?

Build it.

We plan to help restore old trails and build new trails. We also hope to build a community of all trail user groups that work together to create, connect, promote, and protect our trails. We’d love to have you join us!!

Grow it.

We have many fundraising ideas and opportunities to apply for grants to help us accomplish our goals. Join us because together we can do great things!

Board Members